JIANG Hongqing, was born in 1975, graduated from China Academy of Art in 1998, diploma DNSEP in Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Art Paris-Cergy, art activities are video-art, short film and photograph.




Jiang Hongqing, was born in the southeast coast of China, where is a closed and traditional small town, this place has always been ignored as the border of the Central Plains culture. For this reason, there maintains a unique and oldest dialect and drama. In 1876, Chinese government signed an unequal「Yantai Treaty」with Western powers because of Margary Affair, this town began to open up and became a foreign trading port. With the continuous efforts of early Western missionaries, the town has still two mixed cultures so far both the clan groups of closed self-awareness and the courage to make changes with a religious fervor. From the World War I to the Cultural Revolution, the town had a large number of people came to every corner of the world by smuggling or doing hard labor for the war. In the migrating journey, they built their own churches, and talked with God with their own dialect.

Jiang Hongqing’s works was concerned about the decomposition and reconstruction of specific population’s   culture and individual’s spirit during the migration. He contrasted the reality with the historical  coordinate, which is a constant source of inspiration, that is also the way to reflect the true self through illusion of the perception.